Our Philosophy

We don't just preach social responsibility - it's the principle we built our company upon.

We believe it's our duty to provide high-quality products, at an affordable price, while spreading a positive message. The greater good is always the deciding principle under which we make business decisions. For this reason:

We give back:

A portion of every sale is donated to a worthy cause. We gladly support non-profit organizations, please share suggestions for organizations that could use our support.

We partner with fellow small business owners to deliver the best products available: 

We are not a mega-corporation and we don't purchase our products from them. All of our tea varieties are hand-crafted by Certified Tea Specialists in the United States. Each flavor goes through a rigorous testing and approval process to ensure your satisfaction.

We purchase from responsible suppliers who share our belief that using recycled materials is important for a sustainable future:

Every tea purchase is shipped in a 100% recycled container. Our eco-box filler is made using 100% recycled material and is produced by an off-grid energy-independent green mill. 

We care and we socialize:

We show that we care by always being available to you via email, instant messaging, and all of our social media platforms. We love to connect with our customers. Please share your thoughts with us and we promise to continue looking out for the greater good.