Delilah Porcelain Teapot by Teaazi - Silver

A modern interpretation of an ancient vessel designed for brewing tea to extract the utmost benefit from the tea leaves. This teapot is comprised of porcelain with a removable insulated cover made from durable and corrosion resistant high grade stainless steel.
The Delilah Teapot holds 700 cc of liquid. That's approximately 3 cups of your favorite Impeach Tea!

Dishwasher Safe - All teapots are 100% porcelain and dishwasher safe, designed to be utilized every day.

Infuser - All teapots come with an infuser inside so the maximum benefits can be extracted from the tea leaves. 

Durable - The outer cover is composed of stainless steel, making the colorful covers durable, corrosion resistant, and easy to clean. (covers are not dishwasher safe!)
Delilah Teapots will ship separately from Tea Orders.
  • $54.95